M 2-65

The M 2-65 model has a solid system which admit along to the textile and construction geometries, the use and production of high-speed ribbons with two weaving spaces that guarantee productions up to 65 mm wide (each) The specifications of this model with latch-needle edge binding make it the best choice for the production of tapes such as lifting straps, tubular tapes and much more. The possibility of using all types of yarns, from traditional to more technical ones, make it the right choice for those uses where production speed is a determining factor. All standard equipment features make the frame ready to use for the manufacturing and production of special belts. The limited preventative maintenance, the simplicity of use, the solid mechanical construction of each component, combined with the experience gained over 70 years of presence on the international market represent the added value of a unique product.


  • Latch needle selvedge binging technology  
  • Double space weaving unit with maximum front reed width of 65 mm (2.6”)
  • Clear open shed, even with high density spun staple yarns
  • Double front reed with double push-points the most efficient and powerful weft insertion 
  • Take off roller, diameter mm 100, steel made, knurled for ribbon extracting
  • Electronic take down motion (range 2-80 picks/cm)
  • Quadri porta-licci 
  • Camme negative, con ritorno a doppia molla in acciaio, rapporto 1:8
  • Weft feeder, positive with fine electronic adjustments 
  • Weft springs unit for fine weft tension adjustment 
  • Wide warp deflector leasing bars with great lease combination and possibilities
  • Electronic motor, 2.2 Kw with controlling of constant torque applied 
  • Weaving speed adjustments settings by electronic inverter 
  • Crawl motor (jog) facility 
  • Electrical box in comply with the latest directive “industry 4.0”
  • Robust steel construction with remarkable dimensional stability, precision and accuracy
  • Low noise level and absence of vibrations
  • Minimum servicing and maintenance
  • Project, components and assembling MADE IN ITALY
  • Wide stock for standard spare parts available 
  • Dedicated after sales service


Thermal insulating • Sling webbings Industrial tubular Industrial fabric Elastic tapes Ribbons for clothing-fashion Automotive application Multilayer fabrics Conveyor belt (rigid or elastic) Thermal insulating


  • Catch thread unit device, single or double catch thread yarn
  • Double take off roller 
  • Extension kit for harness frames (max 16)
  • Long pick repeat available, max 48 
  • Jacquard application 
  • Fabric winder 
  • Warp tensioning device
  • Beams structure, positive feeding


M 2-65

M 2-110