Weaving is by far one of the most flexible, convenient and added value technologies for the yarn-to-fabric process. TRXA series keep the essential features of the TRX series with the main difference of the use of the latch needle selvedge binding which allow it to operate with all of the weaving system available with or without the catch-thread yarn. The use of the latch-needle system allows the machine to run with a higher weaving speed compared to the TRX series. Latch-needle system does not preclude the possibility and capacity of the production and work from the most common up to the most advanced yarn type permitting to produce solid woven unrealized on the traditional weaving machinery. TRXA series are indicated for the production also of heavy duty, multilayer fabrics which require the latch-needle technology standard. All TRXA models are available also with the newest generation of STAUBLI® S-3000 series which increase the versatility of the machine by using programming software. Some of the advantages are the endless of the pick-repeat on the pattern drawing and the increased number of heald frames compared to the standard version.